Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cat Alarm

I heard great rattlings and rustlings coming from my office closet, then a snarling cat bolted out of it. She darted under the desk chair, crouched over her prey, growling.

I bent over and looked to see what she had.

"Oh crud, she's got a rabbit!"

As I bent to rescue it, I realized that she had gotten into my arts and craps storage box and pulled out a roll of three rabbit skins I've had for years. I'd made a cavewoman doll for my niece and bought pelts to make her clothing.

Ah well, had my squirt of adrenalin for the day


Kate said...

hey - is that a picture of me in the rabbit skin? i didn't know you were at that party!

Kate said...

PS: Sorry for so many comments in 1 fell swoop. Hunkerin' down in a snow storm and catching up on your blog! :)) -k