Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tuesday Morning

Tuesday morning I went to the car repair. I'd run my car over a curb a week ago and it seemed to have a bump-bump-bump when going 65 mph, so I was afraid I'd whacked the alignment. The mechanic said I hadn't bent anything, but that it was no wonder I was slippin' and slidin'. Seems all four of my tires were down to the wear bars.

And there goes a nice little chunk o' change getting four new all weather tires for the Subaru.

After the car repair, I decided to go to Tuesday Morning - it seemed somehow serendipitous. Tuesday Morning is a store that sells odds and ends left over from lord only knows where. They'd had a mailer a week or so ago that said they had bamboo drawer dividers. Since the Engineer's been saying we need a drawer divider for the flatware, I decided to go buy one.

$84 later, I left the joint.
Geeze o' pete, that place is as bad as Sam's Club. Go in intending to buy one thing, come out with half the store.

It's my own fault, I let myself get seduced by colors, textures and low, low prices.

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nameless to protect the innocent said...

oh mi god, I love love love tuesday morning.


you got away cheep cheep cheep
(note my clever reference to your bird post)