Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Pretty Good Day

First thing this morning, I headed to the Red Cross for my apheresis appointment. It's the only way I get to see movies since the Engineer won't watch them. I lay in a very comfy chair with a needle in each arm, watching a DVD (The Simpsons Movie) while the machine sucked the blood out of my right arm, sent it through a centrifuge which separated out the platelets and some plasma, then pumped red cells and saline back into my left arm. Such fun. Somebody's gotta do it, though. I have an excellent platelet count, so they usually take "a triple unit of product" each time I go.

Then I went to visit a friend who recently had surgery. She's looking a whole lot better. I ran a couple of errands then came on home and ordered some seeds. Oh boy, oh joy!

From Seeds of Change, I ordered Armenian Cucumber and Turkish Eggplant seeds.

From Tomato Growers Supply Company, I ordered eight kinds of tomato seeds, Brandywine-Sudduth's Strain, Brandywine-Landis Valley Strain, Yellow Brandywine-Platfoot Strain, Mr. Stripey, Black Pear, Black Plum, German Johnson and Sun Sugar, and one packet o' Sweet Pickle Pepper seeds.

Tomorrow I'm going to order a bunch of assorted seeds from Pinetree Garden Seeds. Their prices are the best, but they didn't have a couple of the varieties I wanted.

The seeds should arrive next week when the Engineer's out of town so I will be able to make as big a mess as I want in the greenhouse getting them planted.

As long as I clean up before he gets home...

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