Sunday, February 17, 2008

Death Dreams

Sometimes I dream of my imminent death. It's usually either a car crash or a fall from a height. In the car crash dreams, I'm stomping on the brake as hard as I can, but I know the car isn't going to stop in time.

This evening I dozed off in my recliner after I finished the knitting on the Möbius scarf. I dreamed that I was leaping for the top of an escarpment, but I missed. I did not have my safety line on. I shouted for the Engineer to save me, but he wasn't there.

Adrenaline jolted through my body and I jerked awake with my heart slamming against my ribs.

I never actually splat like a bug on a windshield in my dreams. I always snatch myself awake a nanosecond before impact. Sometimes I shout as I sit bolt-upright in bed.

I wonder what would happen if I didn't wake.

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