Friday, February 1, 2008

Stark Naked

Sometimes I wonder why we get upset about the things we get upset about. Particularly, I wonder why nakedness and sex are rated X. Seems to me that everyone is running around stark naked under their clothes 7/24. We all have the same basic parts with a few modifications for gender. True, the parts come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, but (to quote a very old commercial) "parts is parts."

And what's the hoo-hah about sex? Not a one of us would be here without it. Though I have to admit that I suspect I was probably an immaculate conception and I know my mother was. My grandparents doing the deed... I don't even remotely want to go there.

I do understand not wanting kids to indulge in sex promiscuously. Some of the diseases out there are darn scary and unwanted pregnancies can be tragic. So why not just tell them the truth, give them the facts. They're going to do it anyway, but at least they'll know what they're doing and how to stay safe.

Personally, I think it would be great if, upon hitting puberty, everyone had little plugs put into their tubes to keep the gametes contained. Then, when they truly wanted to reproduce, they could get the plugs removed. Note the "they", both partners would have to want a baby in order to make one.

Ah well, I'm a dreamer. I've got bigger dreams too, but we won't go into them here.

Sex has become quite a commodity here in the USA. Don't know if it showed in your neighborhood, but I actually saw the infamous Paris Hilton Carl's Jr. commercial on broadcast TV before it got pulled. Didn't make me want to eat a BBQ burger in the least bit. To be perfectly honest, it did make me laugh my butt off.

Sex is so intrinsically funny. There ain't no dignity to it. If done properly both participants (I'm not traveling into the wilder realms here) get all hot and sweaty and make mindless noises. Almost everybody wants to do it -- we're hardwired to want to do it. So many folks seem to go at it like it was some sort of a contest.

Of course, hypocrite that I am, I wouldn't want to go running around without my clothes on. They keep me warm in the winter, prevent sunburn in the summer, and cover the parts that ain't so pretty.

Most of us, especially those of us out of our 20's, aren't smooth and sleek and flawless anymore.

Even kitties are less lovely nekkid.


nameless at home said...

acck.....girlchild wants one of those mutant cats bigtime!

Kate said...

sex is the candy of adulthood. we plot all day long on how to get just a little bit of what we're not supposed to have.