Saturday, February 16, 2008

Plastic Grocery Bags

I went to the grocery store yesterday. Normally I carry in my own canvas bags, but I didn't go to my regular store, so I guess my autopilot turned off. I didn't realize until I was in the check-out line that I'd forgotten to bring them in. (They live in the back seat of my car.)

I hate plastic grocery bags. Whoever designed them should be forced, like Sisyphus, to forever carry the dang things up a hill only to have all of the groceries spill out so that he would have to go back down the hill, collecting the spilled groceries on his way, so that he could haul them back up again.

Being not quite as dim as an 6 watt bulb, I tied shut all the tops on the bags so that I wouldn't have a trunk full of loose groceries upon my arrival home. After I emptied them, I stuffed the multitude of bags into the recycle bin. I don't feel as wasteful as I would had they gone into the trash, but still, I hate 'em.
Plastic grocery bags annoy me almost as much as check-out clerks who put cans on top of my bananas.

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Kate said...

My timeshare horse, Megan, had a summer class: coping with plastic grocery bags. They are forever flying around the open spaces. The noise, when the wind catches them, frightens the horses.