Thursday, January 11, 2007

Limericks and Explainations

I really didn't forget to do a limerick yesterday. I just didn't think the serious topic of predators went well with limericks, so here's one for yesterday:

There was a strange fellow was Mose
Who had a great liking for toes
Whenever he saw 'em
He'd lick and he'd gnaw 'em
And shove 'em up into his nose.

And now I'd better either explain or apologize for that little gem.

When I was in college, my best friend was... unique. He was a math major. For those of you who know any math majors well, no further explanation is needed. For those of you who don't: Math majors may be brilliant, my friend was, but their minds don't work like those of normal people. They're even farther from the norm than engineers (and that's saying a lot.)

I had been getting repeated calls from a guy with a passion for panty hose (I can only think he'd never tried wearing them.) When I answered my phone, he would moan, "Panty hose! Panty Hose! Do you wear panty hose?" I thought this was hilarious, so I'd tell him only if they were black fishnet panty hose and hang up.

My friend and his roommate were hanging out in my room one time when this happened and the roommate was totally grossed out. When I realized this, I, of course, went into a protracted and suggestive conversation about panty hose with my anonymous caller. My friend was delighted. Ever after that, if he saw me with bare feet and his roommate was around, he would grab one of my feet and cry out, "Toes up the nose! Toes up the nose!" and try to fit action to words. His roommate would practically turn inside out with disgust.

What can I say, we were a little weird, but we sure had fun.

This was the only even marginally topical photo in my archives.

Oops, forgot this one, much more glamorous.

It isn't easy coming up with photos either. I've taken lots of flower and landscape (yes, and kitty) pictures, but I don't want to get too redundant. I'll have to start carrying the camera and snapping interesting images.

And now for an equally edifying limerick for today:

There was a young fellow named Quiggly
Who tried to make love to a piggly
He grabbed on to its rump
As it started to jump
He hadn't known pigs were so wiggly.

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