Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Seeing Things -- Weird Things Mostly

Maybe it's because I read so much science fiction, but I've never outgrown seeing things. Clouds, of course, have always stimulated the imagination. They have so many shapes and change so fluidly, sprouting a tail here, spreading a wing there, all on wafts of air.

Dragon cloud

The bathroom can also be a fruitful place to look for hidden creatures and strange little people. I've avoided thoroughly cleaning the glass door to the stall shower because it has a scum dragon on it. I see him as an enormous dragon, coalescing from the smoke of an ocean liner's stacks.

And of course the towel alien. Do you see him?

Look again.

He honestly did try to warn her
That a dragon lurked just 'round the corner
But she gave him a look
And called him a schnook
Now he finds quite hard to mourn her.


etg4ety said...
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Walking Fools said...

You have a wonderful imagination! :-)