Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tiptoe Down the Tootsy Trail

I was contemplating my feet this morning, mainly because I answered the door barefoot and stepped on a couple of nail heads poking up from the floor. Ouch. I'll be glad when we get the new carpet installed. Then I'll be able to stop wearing flip flops in the house.

When I was a kid, I never wore shoes in the summer. My feet were like little hooves, I could run over gravel with no pain. Hot sand or concrete made me dance and sprint, though. Worst of all were the rare times I crossed the street without paying attention to where I was placing my feet and ran into melted tar. Yowzer, that hurt and it didn't cool off instantly when you hit the grass. Really ticked Mom off if I came home with tarry feet too.

She claimed that when she was a kid that all the kids chewed on melted tar from the roads since they couldn't afford gum. Gross!

I still don't much like shoes, but nowadays my feet aren't tough enough to run barefoot so I wear sandals outside all summer. When I was in college, I decided my feet were too pale to be attractive so I paint my toenails in the summer. Doesn't make my feet any more able to walk on gravel, but I guess they're more scenic.

Of course they'll never be as cute as kitty toes.

This is what happens when you try to scan a kitten.

I thought I was weird to be contemplating my toes until I Googled toes and found this page:

Now that's weird.

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