Sunday, January 7, 2007

A Little History

Kitsu and Sachi were both pound kitties. The city pound here posts pictures of all its animals on-line and that's how I found both cats.

Kitsu was an unwed teenage mother. She had the two cutest foofy orange kittens you've ever seen. I went to the pound to get one of the kittens but came home with the MomCat. She had mastitis so badly she looked like Pamela Anderson all the way down -- a whole lot of big boobies on a scrawny little cat. It was very early spring and Kitsu's kittens were the only little ones at the pound. I was sure that they would be adopted and that the mother with her raging infection would be taking the one way walk. She was a classy little madonna and I just couldn't bear that thought. Kitsu will be three around the first of May. She is a wonderful cat.

Sachi, who is seven months old now, was abandoned along with four other cats when her humans were evicted from their apartment. The landlord dumped them all at the city shelter. Sachi came home with me on October 31st. In honor of the day, Kitsu and Sachi made Halloween cats at each other when they met, but within about five hours, Kitsu's maternal instincts came to the fore and she was giving Sachi a face bath. Sachi recognised Kitsu as a MomCat and went looking for the milk bar. Got her ears severely bitten in response. Ah well, a girl has to try.

Kitsu and Sachi are the best of buddies. Right now they are curled up between my chest and the keyboard, purring. Makes typing more than a little difficult.

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