Saturday, January 27, 2007

Of Cats and Kittens

Miss Mitten the silly young kitten
Thought humans should all be quite smitten
By big yellow eyes
And soft plaintive cries
And that food as a tribute was fittin'.

This isn't a kitten named Mitten, this is Brianna. She died about a year ago. It broke Kitsu's, the Engineer's and my hearts.

Brianna loved to play hide and seek and had a wicked sense of humor. As with most cats, she loved the bathroom. If I went in without her, she would dig at the door and howl until I let her in. She always stood guard when I showered to make sure I didn't drown. Kitsu also likes the bathroom, though she has never had quite the passion for it that Bri did. Kitsu's favorite thing was watching the water swirl down the toilet.

One day I was in there and Bri was hiding in the laundry hamper right next to the toilet. When Kitsu realized there was bathroom action going on, she came running in and waited for the flush. As she stood on her hind legs, watching the swirl, Brianna exploded out of the laundry hamper like a trapdoor spider from its lair and landed right on top of Kitsu. Kitsu let out a yowl, went vertical, then bounded out of the bathroom. Bri ran around the toilet a couple of times in celebration, then sat down behind it to order her mussed fur.

The toilet filled slowly. Kitsu, hearing that the water was still running and hoping to see some more swirling, reentered the bathroom and hopped up onto the toilet seat to get a better view.

Brianna saw her opportunity. leaped out from behind the toilet and rammed both of her front paws into Kitsu, knocking her into the toilet bowl. Splash!

I don't think Kitsu's feet ever touched the ground on her way out of the bathroom that time. She was a wet orange shooting star trailing a tail of water. She disappeared down the basement steps. not to be seen again for a couple of hours.

Brianna was smugly pleased with herself and totally unrepentant. It was quite a while before Kitsu watched swirlies again.

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