Friday, January 5, 2007


The plastic came off today. Weird! I can walk through the kitchen without tripping now.

The house is in the middle of being remodeled so the kitchen has been wrapped in plastic for the last month. Never thought I would get sick of eating out, but, wow, am I sick of eating out.

Kitsu and Sachi think the plastic kitchen wrap is a giant cat toy. They like to play savage hunter kitty in it. They dive under it and slide around like cartoon cats under a rug. Best of all is the slack under the plastic over the island, they can skulk under that and leap out to attack unwary humans. They don't seem to realize the humans can see through the plastic. I pretend I'm surprised anyway and squeak and run so they can chase me. I've been under the expert tutelage of generations of lady cats. I'm well trained.
Tomorrow I will scrub the kitchen down then go to the grocery store. Hope I still remember how to cook. Wish I didn't have to remember how to wash dishes...

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