Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Art of the Blog

I've been looking at blogs since a little before I began this one. One thing I often do is to hop from blog to blog after I've finished my entry for the day. I think that when you click on the next blog link up at the top of many Blogger pages, it takes you to whatever page was most recently updated. Since that's usually pretty late at night when I blog hop, it seems that many American bloggers are asleep and the blogs are in different languages. Some languages I recognize, some I don't. I like the blogs with pictures best.

One thing that consistently surprises me is how many commercial blogs there are. Blogs that want to sell something. I thought that was what formal web sites were for, but I guess they don't control all the turf. Lots of religious blogs too -- which doesn't surprise me. People who have found The Lord frequently want to testify.

When I was hopping earlier today, there were lots of kids' blogs. Again a surprise, I though the kids all inhabited MySpace or FaceBook.

Some blogs are totally bewildering, like this one: All I can say is, "Huh?"

I think what I like the most about blog hopping is I feel like it gives me little glimpses into things I didn't know existed.

Way cool.

1 comment:

alex beech said...

I think that guy is nuts.

Just a thought.

Either that or he's communicating with Gliese 481 c.

Na. He's nuts.