Thursday, June 7, 2007

Developing a New Web Site With Cat Assistance

Looks like I have a new client for my free lance web design services. An artist. I like his work. He's very young and innocent. Sachi fell in love at first sight with him.

Since there is still just one livable room in the house, I had the chair in front of the computer and he had one beside it, right next to the bed. This was not the least bit scandalous as there were contractors in the next room, hammering and sawing.

After we'd been working for a while, Sachi jumped up on the bed and batted her big blue eyes at the artist. When he told her she had beautiful eyes, she started rolling on her back and flirting with him. He patted her. She purred like a motor boat. When he turned back to the computer monitor and the discussion of color scheme, Sachi jumped onto his shoulder and stuck her face into his, caressing his neck with her tail and purring. He speculated as to whether they should start dating.

Little hussy!

Or perhaps I should put a kinder interpretation on her actions and say she was helping me make a sale.Maybe it's just that she leans more towards creative and intellectual endeavors instead of construction like Kitsu.

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