Wednesday, June 20, 2007

John Cumata Wants Me!

But he seems to think my name's Pavan Kumar and that I'm a guy. Here are the subject lines on a fraction of the exciting e-mails he sends me:

Wait Don't make another payment until you read our ebooks

All orders are accepted $0ma. Vi@Gra*

Pavan Kumar, take our challenge let us build a business for you

Pay your house off in 5-7 years

Like Grass Seed On Steroids

Why be an average guy any longer

Double your salary with a colege degree

Improve ur sexual life immediately

Never Scrub Your Toilet Bowl Again

He offers me cigars, wine, coffee and bushels of Canadian drugs without prescription. He plans to make me a millionaire via Nigerian investments, eBay and Government Foreclosure Houses. He can show me how to win any woman I want. And sometimes he sends me photos of the women I can win, or more accurately, rent. He stuffs my mailbox full to overflowing every day.

So what do I do?

Delete, delete, delete.

Here's an interseting link explaining how Viagra spam works.

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