Monday, June 18, 2007

Bad Human

I did not take proper care of the cats today. I went into the tool shed this morning about 10:00 to get something and shut the door without thinking.

Around 9:00 this evening, BadStrangerCat assaulted Sachi for the second time in less than an hour. I tore out of the house shouting threats. BadStrangerCat took off over the back fence and away and Sachi slammed through the cat door. I called for Kitsu and heard a faint and pathetic little cry. Sounded like it was in the car port, but no Kitsu.

It took me a while to remember that I'd opened the tool shed door this morning. When I opened it again, the plaintive cries became a loud wailing and one very disgruntled orange cat flounced out.
She has required constant hugs and kisses since. My breathing passages are so full of cat fur I've decided I had best think of it as a filter. No allergens are going to get through the matted maze she's deposited on me. She's so good to me when I was so bad to her.

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Anonymous said...

Oh poor Sachi,I'm glad so is OK. Don't be too hard on yourself...a few weeks ago I had the "kids" in the yard with their leashes on to hinder them from running off while I did some gardening. I looked up just in time to notice Ruby had wrapped her leash around Rusty's neck twice and he was gasping for air. Can't help but wonder if Ruby had a plan but lesson learned. KC