Monday, September 17, 2007

Almost Ready

Friday the contractors laid the reinforcing mesh and built the forms.

It's been fun getting into and out of the house because the driveway is the only decent path. I like to wear sandals when it's warm, and the wire mesh lurks to snare careless feet. To walk on it in sandals, I have to lift my feet straight up and place them straight down, making sure I step squarely on the mesh so it doesn't move.

There is a gate around the far side of the house, but it has not been used for at least a decade. To use it, one must wade through a wild patch of vinca to the gate, then traverse around the back of the house where the Engineer has been digging trenches.

The vinca patch worries me a bit because rattlesnakes come down from the hillside above the house in the fall and the vinca's a great place to hide. I'd really rather not have to wear hip boots to enter and exit my own home.

Monday morning, 6:00 a.m. the cement is supposed to be poured.

Is it even light then?

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