Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Writing Limericks


I'm in the mood to write scurryless limericks tonight, but everything I think of is just a wee bit too vulgar or just downright dirty. Why is it that the words that rhyme with the most other words are naughty?

Though Sue was a lovely young lass,
Her language and manners were crass,
She liked to drink beer,
'Till she felt downright queer,
Then she'd gracelessly fall on...

Abort! Abort! I can tell where this one is headed.

That famous young man from Nantucket,
Stuffed all of his clothes in a bucket,
He ran around nude,
And was terribly rude,

No, can't go there! What if my Mom was to read this?!?!?

She thought she should make up a limerick,
(Now wouldn't that be quite a slick trick)
To tell her ex love,
He could give it a shove,

Aw geeze, another one I can't finish.

Dang! Guess I'll try again tomorrow.

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