Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Two Cats in the Yard

Kitsu is overjoyed that her humans put the ladder up outside for her. The better to spy birdies!

Sachi supervising the female human digging in the big outdoor litter box. (Makes me very glad I didn't plant potatoes or carrots.)


Anonymous said...

No wonder your kitty photos inspired me to paint Kitsu. Wonderful photos of beautiful "Kitty Kids".KC

Wunx~ said...

When one starts with beautiful subjects, it's not too hard to get pretty end results in a photo. Painting something that looks like what you intended it to, now that's a whole nother story. Everybody who sees your painting of Kitsu oohs and ahhs over it. Kitsu just waves her fine and fluffy tail and says, "Of course it's gorgeous, it's me."

Modesty, thy name is kitty.