Monday, September 3, 2007

Commuting With Nature

One of the things I like best to do when I'm at the cabin in Idaho is to go by myself down to the creek and (to quote the Engineer) "commute" with nature.

I find a nice rock and sit quietly, watching the creek, looking at plants and rocks. Some summers I will see a dipper, a plain looking little gray bird with a cocked, wren-like tail. The dipper bobs along the bank of the creek, bouncing from rock to rock, then suddenly dives into the water. Dippers walk and fly underwater seeking their food.

Last time I sat on my rock, I was thoroughly checked out by a chipmunk. He came within about five feet of me, curious, but nervous and tail twitching, before he told me I was ugly and smelled bad. Then he scampered off.

When I'm out on my rock, I feel like I could live at the cabin, but I know I'm too spoiled by the comforts of modern urban life.

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