Monday, September 10, 2007

Standing Guard

Every morning I feed the cats their quarter car of Fancy Feast. This is Sachi's favorite time of the day. While Kitsu lies on her tummy with her tail stretched out relaxed behind her as she eats, Sachi crouches over her dish on tiptoes with her rump and tail lifted and tense, like a sprinter in the blocks, waiting for the starting gun.

Kitsu leisurely nibbles at her food, pausing to contemplate the universe between bites.

Sachi wolfs hers down like a starving dog.

Then she homes in on Kitsu's dish. Kitsu would let Sachi muscle her out of the way and devour a second breakfast.

So every morning, I have to stand guard, interposing my big ugly human feet between Sachi and Kitsu's breakfast. All three of us understand the game. All three of us know that if my vigilance slips for even a moment, Sachi will suck up Kitsu's portion.

Before we had all the flooding and remodeling, back when the doors fit their frames properly, I would simply carry Sachi back to the bedroom with me and push the door shut, but not latched. When Kitsu was done eating, she would come and open the door to let her sister out. Now that the doors don't hang right, I have to stand guard -- and I'd better not let myself be distracted for an instant.

Tomorrow morning, I will take the camera with me and see if I can snap a picture of the morning kitty meal.

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