Thursday, September 13, 2007

Down to Dirt

The concrete contractors stopped early last night, with just the very top of the driveway torn out (see the photo in yesterday's post.) They showed up again before 8:00 this morning with a giant jack hammer that attached to the Bobcat's bucket.

It made quite a stimulating alarm clock.

I've grown strong over the last year, though, and once I knew what it was, I went right back to sleep until Sachi woke me at 9:00 starving for her breakfast.

What was really amazing was that by 9:00 they'd finished tearing the rest of it out. Fast work!

Of course, they did cut a cable and a sprinkler line, but, what the hay.

And, yes, the driveway is as steep as it looks. Most all of my friends have admitted to being afraid of it.

Kitsu checked it out after the concrete guys went away and said it was the biggest litter box she'd ever seen.

They're putting down gravel to level it today and bulding the forms. Hopefully they'll pour the new concrete tomorrow.


Kate said...

Steep and curvy and scary. Whenever I'd back out of your old driveway I never knew where I was going. So, I'd just close my eyes and hope for the best. Amazing you didn't lose a tree, or two! :)

Anonymous said...

Kate is a brave soul. I tried once, ended up in the bushes. Now I park on the street. KC